YEEZY line bids farewell as adidas CEO confirms discontinuation

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In a recent turn of events, adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden has officially confirmed the discontinuation of the iconic YEEZY line. A collaborative effort between adidas and the renowned artist Kanye West, popularly known as Ye, the YEEZY line came to a close at the close of 2022. Following its conclusion, the remaining YEEZY silhouettes were gradually released in the early months of 2023, with all proceeds directed towards charitable causes. Gulden’s recent statement has solidified the end of this beloved line, leaving both fans and fashion enthusiasts reflecting on its remarkable journey.

The period leading up to this confirmation has been characterized by uncertainty and speculation within the adidas headquarters. After the amicable parting of ways between Ye and adidas, the fate of the remaining YEEZY releases and the future of the German sportswear brand’s collaborations had been a topic of intense discussion. Over the last few months, adidas strategically released the remaining YEEZY stock, and the proceeds from these sales were directed towards various charitable initiatives.

A beacon of hope amid these developments was the revelation, made public by the Financial Times in August 2023, that adidas had already contributed over $110 million to organizations actively combatting anti-Semitism. Gulden, in his statement, expressed his optimism for the company’s future and articulated a target of resuming strong sales momentum by 2025.

“We find ourselves dealing with an unfortunate situation that was unforeseen,” Gulden elaborated. He pointed out that the YEEZY and Nike Jordan collaborations were unparalleled in consistently commanding premium prices over an extended duration. Gulden reiterated the brand’s commitment to mitigating the impact, liquidating inventory, channeling the proceeds for philanthropic endeavors, and steering the business forward in the absence of the YEEZY line.

Surprisingly, just days after this statement, adidas delivered the final blow to any lingering speculations. Gulden, in an exclusive interview with Retail Dive, made it unequivocally clear that the YEEZY journey had reached its ultimate destination. “The YEEZY product is a manifestation of [Ye’s] creative vision; he is the architect behind it, and we have been fortunate to collaborate with him. The notion of exploiting his creations post-collaboration, although legally plausible, is not aligned with our strategic vision,” Gulden affirmed.

The initial YEEZY stock, released during the initial months of 2023, proved to be a financial triumph for adidas, amassing an impressive $441 million in sales. This release marked the sale of approximately 20% of the existing YEEZY inventory. While Gulden confirmed that the brand would continue to sell the remaining stock throughout 2023, the exact extent of this initiative remains uncertain.

As we bid adieu to the YEEZY line, it’s impossible to ignore the indelible mark it has left on the world of fashion and culture. The collaboration between adidas and Kanye West birthed a phenomenon that transcended mere sneakers, becoming a cultural icon that defined a generation. While the YEEZY line may be concluding, its legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and resonate with sneaker enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and creatives alike for years to come.

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