Crocs Revs Up with Lightning McQueen Clogs Once Again!

crocs lightning mcqueen adult clogs

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Crocs, the iconic footwear brand, is gearing up to bring back a fan-favorite design inspired by none other than Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s “Cars.” If you missed out on the previous releases, you’re in luck! The brand recently announced on their Instagram that this much-loved style will be hitting their website again this Wednesday.

A Flashback to the McQueen Clogs Journey

The journey of the McQueen clogs began in May 2019. Crocs, the Colorado-based clog giant, took to Twitter to share the exciting news. They revealed that, “due to popular demand,” they would be launching an adult-sized version of their collaboration with the famed “Cars” character, Lightning McQueen. Originally, these vibrant shoes, inspired by the animated classic, were only available for the little ones. However, a passionate plea from fans changed the game.

Collin Bonner, a dedicated fan, took to to voice a sentiment many shared: “It is unfair that there are adult sizes in many other movies and cartoons, but not Lightning McQueen! People around the world deserve equality.” Bonner’s petition highlighted the potential demand, stating, “So many more people would buy the Crocs if they were in adult sizes.” This call to action resonated with many, and the petition went viral, amassing over 33,000 signatures. Crocs, always attentive to their fans, took note. The result? The clogs were a massive hit, selling out on within mere hours of their release.

Designed in a striking red foam, the clogs are a spitting image of the beloved race car character. They feature McQueen’s iconic windshield eyes and are adorned with a flame and the number “95” on the sides, capturing the essence of the character perfectly.

When they first hit the market, the Crocs x Lightning McQueen clogs were priced at $50, available both on and Amazon. However, their popularity has since skyrocketed, and today, these fun shoes are fetching prices in the hundreds on resale platforms like eBay, Grailed, Depop, and Poshmark.

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