The Big Boot Returns: MSCHF Unveils New Black Colorway

MSCHF's Big Black Boot

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Get ready for the highly anticipated comeback of the Big Boot by MSCHF, this time in a sleek black colorway. Following its initial release in early 2023, where the bold red version took the internet by storm, speculations about a Big Black Boot have been buzzing recently. Finally, MSCHF has officially confirmed its upcoming release.

Whether you’re a fan or a skeptic, the Big Boot by MSCHF is set to make a triumphant return. The original Big Red Boot captivated audiences with its distinctive appearance, featuring an oversized silhouette crafted from TPU rubber, exuding a comical charm. Its cartoon-like design set it apart, and now, it’s about to receive a fresh colorway.

The Big Black Boot retains the same iconic model as its predecessor but arrives in an all-black color scheme. With no laces or zipper, slipping them on might pose a bit of a challenge, just as with the previous release. The bulbous toe adds to the boot’s whimsical aesthetic, guaranteeing a playful and humorous look.

During the Paris Fashion Week, the MSCHF Big Boot made a notable appearance in a vibrant yellow colorway through an exciting collaboration with Crocs. This unique model combined the renowned upper of Crocs with the oversized appeal of the MSCHF boot, creating an eye-catching fusion.

The MSCHF Big Black Boot is highly anticipated to hit the shelves in 2023, exclusively through MSCHF. Get ready to step into the spotlight with this stylish and amusing footwear choice.

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