Barbie Hype: Nike’s Chic Dunk Low Pays Tribute to the Iconic Doll

new Dunk Low in a chic pink colorway barbie

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The world has gone pink with Barbie fever! From trendy pink outfits to extravagant Barbie-themed styles, it’s hard to miss the excitement surrounding the long-awaited Barbie movie premiere. And now, even Nike has joined the hype by unveiling a new sneaker to pay tribute to the beloved blonde doll: the Air Max Scorpion ‘Hot Pink’.

Following the success of their hot pink release, Nike is taking it a step further by introducing the chic and glamorous Dunk Low in a stunning pink colorway. This sneaker is a true fashion statement that captures the essence of Barbie with its unique design and details.

The sides of the Dunk Low are adorned with the iconic Barbie stars, a nod to the doll’s fame and popularity. Pink suede overlays add a touch of luxury and elegance, perfectly complementing the overall theme. The midsole and laces opt for a neutral beige, creating a balanced contrast to the vibrant pink hues. But the real show-stopper is the lower part of the sole, which comes in a translucent glittery pink, adding a touch of glimmer to every step you take.

Nike’s signature Swoosh doesn’t miss out on the fun either. It shimmers in dark rainbow colors, offering a stylish contrast to the dominant pink palette. And to seal the deal on the ultimate Barbie look, a large silver glittery “N” pendant hangs above the laces, adding an extra dose of glam.

The only catch is that the exact release date for these fabulous Barbie-themed Dunk Low sneakers is still a mystery. So, for all the sneakerheads and Barbie enthusiasts out there, keep your eyes and ears open! The moment these kicks hit the stores, they are sure to fly off the shelves, completing your next outfit and taking your Barbie fever to the next level.

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