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Pure Pings is an EU-focused cookgroup, that exists for over four years. We strive to provide our members the best information combined with blazingly fast monitors. We are also offering you the expertise of a highly skilled team and numerous chances to acquire knowledge about the resell market. Pure Pings is your key to success in all aspects.


Our Main Features

Discover what services we provide for you!


Custom Monitors

We are offering our members the most efficient custom monitors. You will find the best ASOS, AboutYou, BSTN, Kickz… monitors in our group. We don’t miss any pings. You will currenly find over 100+ custom monitors in our group.


Drop Info & Guides

In Pure Pings is a huge information flow. There is no important drop info about any sneaker you won’t find in our group. We also keep our guides up to date and add new ones, so can be sure to have the best knowledge about everything.


Alternative Flips

The sneaker section can be high profitable, but why should you sleep on alternative infos?
With the help of this section you will turn alcohol, trading cards, price errors and much more into great profit. 

24/7 Support

Our experienced team is always available for any requests. There is also no problem with offering you a 1:1 coaching. So make sure to claim our service, if you are a part of our group.



You will discover collaborators such as FlareAIO, uSNKRS, PepperScripts… within our partner segment. Every week brings new chances to expand your bot/-script inventory.


Free Autocheckout

Many resellers are annoyed by too many monthly costs. You will find a great working extension in Pure Pings. Just install it and you are ready to cop on various EU-sites.

What is the main goal of Pure Pings?

Pure Pings aims to empower it’s members to achieve exceptional profitabilty through our group. We are dedicated to keep our members well-informed by providing the BEST insights on sneaker and alternative trends. Our coverage extends beyond conventional reselling, encompassing alternative reselling strategies and various other valuable resources. Count on us to deliver you unparalleled support, blazing monitoring and invaluable pings, ensuring that you consistently seize lucrative opportunities within our community to maximize your profits.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our membership costs 25€ monthly. You will get access to all features in our group.

Our membership costs 25€ incl VAT monthly. 

You can either pay with Stripe, PayPal or bank transfer.

Certainly, whether you’re a novice or seasoned reseller, all members will discover their place within our group. This is made possible by our dedicated Pure Pings team, who provide round-the-clock assistance to anyone in need.

Dank Features wie dem Monitor Mode oder dem Captcha Harvester kannst du ohne Mühe Drops smoken. Egal ob aktuelle ode.

Just join our waiting-list! 

You can contact us via E-Mail or Instagram, if you should have any questions.

Our focuse is on every EU region.

Dont miss out any further Restock!

With our homemade notification App we can provide you the best overview of important pings. Don’t waste your time with your discord set up just install our app. It will redirect you to discord or to the website, if there should be any restock.

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The most frequently asked questions by our users

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